Children's Hospital at Erlanger Gets Brave Gowns

Children's Hospital at Erlanger Gets  Brave Gowns

Brave Gowns, created by Summer Germann, become standard issue at Chattanooga's Children's Hospital at Erlanger.

December 13, 2017

Today is the day! 10 years ago, they found a tumor in my first born son's abdomen. It was later diagnosed as high risk neuroblastoma, with a 30% survival rate. "Cured" is a word used in the non cancer community, because they don't want to promise that it will never come back. He has been NED (no evidence of disease) and off treatment for 7.5 years. It's a terrifying ride and I'm learning that it never ends.

But TODAY.....
I will celebrate! Today we will deliver 600 Brave Gowns to Children's Hospital at Erlanger. Emily's Power for a Cure has purchased these gowns and they will become the standard issue hospital gowns. That means every patient, will get to escape their reality and pretend they are a superhero, princess, or muscle man. It may not seem like a big deal, but CHATTANOOGA's Children's Hospital, will be the FIRST hospital to have them as standard issue. That means when the patient throws up on one, there will be a freshly laundered gown to change into. This is key. If you give a gown to an individual patient, chances are, the dirty one will get tossed into a bag until someone can take it to launder.

These gowns don't just look good, they feel good, and are very patient friendly! There are snaps down the arms, so the patient can change as needed, without waiting on a nurse to come disconnect any IV lines. They tie on the side, so the child doesn't have a knot digging in their back, when lying in bed....bonus points for bum coverage! I tell people that if the current gowns are Walmart, these gowns are Nordstrom. And our patients deserve them!

I don't believe bad things happen so good things can happen. But because of Mac, his big sister, Summer Germann, was motivated to create Brave Gowns ( And I think that she did, and continues to do, a great job!


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